Iron Sharpens Iron 

J  o  h  n  n  y 

Two are better than one; For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

O U R   M I N I S T R I E S


B  e  t  s  y

​​Television programs and film shorts that bring healing, deliverance, prosperity and success to all ages!

Women with Vision

C o  u  r  t  n  e  y

We are called to be students of the Word,  living by faith, overcoming Satan, and changing the world.

Check often for Conferences & Retreats

Proof of Love Healing Stop w/ Betsy

Saturday, September 9 at 7pm

706 W Smith St, Orlando, FL 32804 · 

Miracle Mandate Discipleship w/ Betsy
Wednesdays by appt 10am-3pm Credo Coffee

706 W Smith St, Orlando

​Iron Sharpens Iron Men w/ Johnny
Thursdays 7pm  Ilea House, Sorrento FL 
Directions: Call or Text 407-587-9293 

Women with Vision w/ Courtney 
Tuesdays 7pm Sanford Panera 
1457 WP Ball Blvd, Sanford, FL 32771

Proof of Love Prison Crusades 2017

August 4  -Mountainview Unit, Texas 

August 5  -Hilltop Unit,  Texas

August 5 - Lowell Annex, Florida

August 6  -Crain Unit,  Texas

September 2  -Lowell Annex, Florida

September 4  -Lowell Main Unit, Florida

October 1  -Sterling Corrections, Colorado

​October 2  -Lowell Main Unit, Florida

October 7  -Lowell Annex, Florida

November 4  -Lowell Annex, Florida
November 6  -Lowell Main Unit, Florida

December 2  -Lowell Annex, Florida

December 4  -Main Unit, Florida

Fall Dates TBA -Union Correctional, Florida 


For more information email or call 407-417-5351


My House Church is your house church . . . in living rooms, coffee shops,  prisons and hotels. Expect to find God's love in power here.

​B e t s y   B e e r s   M i n i s t r i e s

B  e  t  s  y    

"I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me."   • Jesus Christ