Pastor Betsy, ordained by Harvest Time International, lives in Florida with her husband, children, grandchildren and chickens. She graduated valedictorian from Full Sail University with a course director's award for film making, and  has a passion to prove God's love on television, in her house churches, and in prisons. She maintains that if they would not believe Jesus, they will not believe us either.  "Though you believe not me, believe the works."  John 10:38  

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Courtney is a wife to her Firefighter, mother of three and author.  Her book, Rise Above, and podcasts are being used for discipleship training in workshops, churches and prisons. She is passionate about teaching the love and freedom that is found in a relationship with Jesus. Courtney teaches from the Word of God in a simple format that will produce real transformation. For more information go to

Johnny is a rare and refreshing Godly husband who presides over disciplined, happy children. As a result of Johnny’s perseverance, discipline, and obedience in the leadership of his own house and office, God has set him as the overseer and mentor of the Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Ministry of My House Church—to help strengthen men in their relationships, health, and finances. For more information go to Iron Sharpens Iron Men.

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Jessie is a devoted wife to her husband Johnny, and mother to  four well-trained children. The Isaiah 11:2 Spirit of counsel and might rests on her, which makes Jessie a powerful minister of supernatural healing --emotional, physical and spiritual. She is extraordinarily effective in one-on-one discipleship training.

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