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    Zhejiang Longhu

    Longhu created in years 1994 and was Ruian Longhu forge plant and now has Zhejiang Longhu forging plant,Ruian Longhu forging plant、Ruian Longhu electric company,Deqing Import and export trading company.Being One of China's manufacturing industry well-known enterprises specializing in automotive parts, forging and machinin.Company headquarters is located in the beautiful scenery of the old times Mogan River, Deqing County Dry Hill Industrial Zone No. 55, only an hour's drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, only about two hours' drive from Shanghai or Ningbo Port, the left neighbor is about to be completed and open to traffic NingHangzhou high-speed railway Deqing station and strategic location, convenient transportation and logistics.

    We have lots talented person,Professional forging production 15 lines and Forging production capacity of 20,000 tons,Products and mold design using CAD / CAM technology The Company has a machine shop machining centers and CNC machine tools for major equipment, major equipment and continuous furnace heat treatment shop, as well as professional mold manufacturing workshop, the company has perfect quality inspection and experimental means testing center

    We produce auto parts engineering machinery, hardware tools and building components. Various models of more than 1,000 kinds of products, main products are: 12T-18T platform truck axle head, camshaft, brake brackets, camshaft bracket, steering knuckles, half-shaft flange, automotive suspension, rod, engine valve rocker arm,car door hinges and anchors, rings.Our products not only sell in internal also have many clients in germany, USA and Colombia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand India and Taiwan and so on

    We have completed quality assurance system and the user service system also passed ISO9002;QS9000;ISO/TS16949;ISO14000/18000.

    Our standards is based on client's need,holping our advanced products and serviece could help more people.

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