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    Ruian Longhu

    Ruian Longhu Forging Co. Ltd is a joint-stock private enterprise,Ruian Longhu Its predecessor is Ruian Longhu forging factory, founded in 1994 July, as the forging industry backbone enterprises.In 2002 the company transformation, the introduction of modern enterprise management system, to be a limited liability company, implementation of the board of directors, general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the company management, mechanism:The marketing department, technology development department, quality department, production department and administrative management department. There are four workshops: forging workshop, mold workshop, clean workshop and metalworking workshop.The company has more than 110 employees, including management staff more than 20 people. The main production equipment: 630T die forging production line three; 1000T die forging production line,We use the medium frequency induction heating furnace. The main auxiliary equipment: CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, lathe, milling machine, planer, grinder, such as multiple, electric pulse, wire cutting, mold processing equipment, mold production and processing all by myself.

    The company developed the product development strategy is: based on the automotive industry, the implementation of the development of product specialization.

    The company's main products: automobile chassis flange class, fork parts; light vehicle steering section parts; car door hinges and engine valve rocker and the spherical shell, joints, rod, four categories of products forging blank。

    Products matching model:Jinbei、Delica、Fulica、Changcheng、Songhuajiang、Changhe、Wulin、Auto、Dongfeng、Nanjing and so on.

    In the professional production of engine valve rocker products, the company has accumulated years of production experience.Product types covered motorcycle engine, car engine and diesel engine and other specifications,And with a number of host user supporting cooperation,like Construction, Changan, Huaihai, Chongqing Cummins, FAW Xichai such as。According to user needs,The company can provide a margin of metalworking workshop axons, fork parts, shell, valve rocker arm and knuckle semi-finished and finished products。

    In product technology development, product design, mold design and manufacture of this company is widely used in CAD-CAM Technology,Able to complete the general product develop process in 25-30 working days, submit the qualified goods to the customer.

    In terms of quality management, the company has a sound management system, and passed ISO9002 quality system certification in 1999; April 2004 through the QS9000 quality system certification standards; through the ISO/TS16949 quality system certification in November 2006. Occupational health and safety management system certification and environmental management system certification in December 2008. December 2008 by Ruian City clean production audit inspection. At present the company's quality assurance system in normal operation to ensure that the company to submit satisfactory products and services to users. Ruian City A-class tax honesty, a star enterprise in Ruian City, Ruian City, Ping An enterprise, forging industry base meritorious enterprise in China, Ruian City, brand-name products, the brand name of Ruian City, Wenzhou safety production standardization three companies.

    We care about quality“”。

    We work for clients satisfying。

    In order to adapt to the market situation, and promote sustainable development, the development of medium-and long-term development planning clarify the dragon and tiger in the future direction of development. According to the production and management practices, we have further strengthened the confidence to go professional, rapid development ". While increasing the operation to overseas development efforts, now we opened in Singapore and Taiwan, and South Korea's Hyundai and Germany BPW start practical cooperation。

    With te developing of Chiness automotive industry,Longhu gets fast growing then We will still work for clients satisfied and supply good products and service.

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